BOUCHARD, pierre

Pierre Bouchard is a native of Lac St-Jean, he lives and works in Quebec. He studied commercial art, cartoon. It creates several animated films and comic five, he was an illustrator and has published fanzines. Parallel to these practices, he is interested in contemporary art and quietly begins to be self-taught artist. In 2008, it becomes more serious, the production is more constant and he exhibited for the first time his paintings in 2009 under the pseudonym Newjoecool. Consequently many other exhibitions and fairs where the themes and concepts succeed. His favorite medium is painting
It explores standards on canvas classic themes like nature, birds, fish, fruit or hockey. Conservative but modern in subjects in the treatment of the image, the image is clean, the colors dripping and there is often an addition of words made the aerosol and stencil. The result falls within the documentary, advertising poster. A light content that others describe as decorative. Graphite, watercolor, oil, charcoal and aerosol are used as mediums. The subjects are drawn from the life experience of the artist. Thru the Mirror, there Newjoecool, another identity with which it is expressed. Linked to the discovery of graffiti in 2008 and the desire to express with this language, Newjoecool plays his way with the codes of this artistic movement. The invention of a recurring character is required (a bear), then it is repeated and repeated on the walls and painted scrap wood found in the street.

Ouananiche 1

Acrylique et aérosol sur bois brut
17,5'' x 43''