Isabelle Messier-Moreau is an architect from the Bas-St-Laurent region. While living and working as an architect in the south-ouest subburb of Montreal, painting has always been part of her life. She first got her bachelor in art at UQAM before she persued her studies in architecture at Montreal University.

Recently, painting became more important in her life regarding an answer to the everyday unrestrained rythmn of living. She has been watching friends, co-workers and members of her family more or less blindly guided by the ungoing pressures in order to succeed in life. Those pressures are imposed by our over-connected society.

She tries, with her art, to express or to rethink the stress too often felt by many of us, strangled by the ultimate goal of performance.

Her paintings show us some people victim of anxiety resting in an invisible or earased landscape.


Acrylique et crayon graphite sur toile
30’’ x 40’’


Acrylique et crayon graphite sur toile
46’’ x 52’’

Pollen essence guimauve

Acrylique et crayon graphite sur toile
54’’ x 53’’

À vol d’oiseau

Acrylique et crayon graphite sur toile
Dyptique ( 2 x ) 44’’ x 30’’