POMERLEAU, rosanne

Dali was a painter who had a great influence on me right from the beginning of my artistic formation. What strikes me at first is his capacity to swich from hyperrealism to surrealism while caressing abstraction, which most of the artists of his time couldn’t realize and even those in our days cannot.
He is a complete artist who dares show himself without any restriction and takes pleasure in destabilizing human intelligence.
It became clear for me that in order to draw his portrait, I could not dissociate him from his work. He lived for his art and through his art.
In his public apparitions, he often wore a suit, a necktie and a pocket handkerchief which inspired me to sculpt some of his most popular figures on his necktie.
Gala who was his muse brought a duality in Dali’s life and in Dali’s work. She had a special place in Salvador’s heart. He pleadged himself that without her everything would end.
The heart of Dali was Gala and this is exactly what I reproduced inside the ruby shaped like a heart that Dali offered to Gala. I cannot forget to talk about his drawers that represent an iconic image of Dali’s work. I incorporated those onto the base from which a soft watch is emerging, hanging there and stopped only to introduce us to a man of a rare intelligence and of an immense talent for drawing and painting.
Ants were often present in his paintings to express decadence and ephemeral that leaves place to renew.
I was looking for an elegant way to represent those ants. I decided to have those coming out of the drawer in order to symbolize the death of human body and the immortality of his work.
I wanted to honour one of the greatest if not the greatest painter of the twenty first century with all the admiration that I feel toward him and toward his work.

Salvador Dalí

Hauteur 34’’