MARCOUX, andrée



Drawing has always been an integral part of my life and since obtaining my Visual Arts diploma from Laval University in 1991, I’ve been a professional, full-time painter for over twenty years.

I started with landscapes and later moved on to animal paintings, which with time became my specialty. I do not look for subject perfection in details, but rather emotion. I am often categorized as a wildlife artist, which is true, but even though I love animals, many subjects inspire me. I love new challenges that take me out of my comfort zone and move me forward. I love learning and discovering. While my paintings can be realistic and the result of weeks of work, I also like moving freely on large canvasses. Classic and fantasy paintings, that’s an equilibrium that suits me well.

Cement Sculpting

Cement is a very interesting material regarding textures. Each sculpture is a unique piece of art, destined to be outdoors or indoors. Steel is sometimes a part of it, especially for horses. These are welded on a steel plate distressed with silver nitrate . This way of adding a patina gives the impression that the horses’ hooves are in the stone-filled waters of a river.


Huile sur toile
40’’ x 30’’

Lumière de Camargue

Huile sur toile
41.5’’ x 56.5’’

Angus le boeuf

Huile sur toile
50’’ x 54’’


Huile sur toile
42’’ x 60’’


Huile et acrylique sur toile
60’’ x 31’’